Robert bertie kidd fights plan to deport him to the uk,” the site said

Robert bertie kidd fights plan to deport him to the uk,” the site said. “This is the kind of language that sends shock waves through the hearts of UK Muslims.”

The site went on to say: “Some say the man is an ethnic Iraqi national and therefore should have been put before the tribunal. Some say it is an insult to the Muslim faith and therefore should have been rejected. Some say Muslims should have had their freedom of religion and freedom of conscience challenged before they are given a fair trial. But we should remember that every day British Muslims experience horrific violence, abuse, harassment and even murder at the hands of extremists and in the name of what they think is Islam.”

The site also included a quote from an Arabic newspaper which said “Muslims are not born being violent. They have a duty to protect themselves from extremism” and which suggested they should be subjected to the same “exposure to hate” as other minority groups.

“The UK needs to step up our efforts to combat extrem개츠비 카지노ist ideology and recruit Muslims and build bridges with communities that are vulnerable to such violence,” it continued.

Meanwhile, a new report from security firm G4S, which works with the public sector in the defence and security industries, said more than 1,800 Muslim people have been stopped since January 2016, mostly in the UK.

It said: “Of these people, one third were wearing suspicious items including balaclavas in protest demonstrations, another one third were arrested after reporting crime, and another one third faced the prosp더킹카지노ect of deportation in the wake of what appears to be a concerted effort to bring in extremist Muslims in the UK.

“These numbers suggest there has been no effective plan or enforcement mechanism in place and it is likely that large numbers of people whose beliefs might lead them to hold views that are hostile to society are simply not taken seriously and have not been taken out in the way they could have been.”

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