“Urban Refugee Fashion Show”

20160718_Azaem_22020160718_Azaem_154DSC_9994DSC_9857DSC_9802DSC_9619DSC_8532DSC_9484DSC_9477DSC_9429DSC_9411DSC_9241DSC_9159DSC_0185DSC_8940DSC_0175DSC_8593DSC_8555DSC_8538DSC_909420160718_Azaem_31220160718_Azaem_496DSC_9033I’ve created an adventure for the eyes, a feast for the artistically hungry, a jewelry line for the culture of people who inspired me. Me being an refugee living in America found  “Urban Refugee” to be the perfect name for this line inspired by everything AFRICA. On Monday July 18th I not only launched the new jewelry line but I’ve also re-introduced my company as AZAEM, a name as strong as its pronounced and with so much meaning it fits right next to my heart. AZAEM derives from spelling my mother’s name backwards : MEAZA. Meaza was my first love and my first landlord even before I met Africa,  so when I say Monday was an empowering day for me, understand that I mean I hope I made Meaza and Africa proud.

Want to avoid the religious connotations of some of the

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